Red Bull Motocross: Thrills and Spills for Your Thumbs


Red Bull Motocross is a big ramp motorcycle trick game by Digital Chocolate. The game focuses on the perfect execution of tricks, which you must do while doing huge jumps on your motocross bike.

This daredevil of a 2D side-scroller finesse game is very difficult. It’s so difficult as a matter of fact that I would consider it more of a puzzle game than a trick game. Any error made in any stage (even the first one) will mean failure for the course.

I’m surprised that they even force players to finish the course at all, it should be instant “round over” as soon as you crash just like that impossibly hard flash game QWOP.

It is kind of fun seeing the 2D ragdoll physics torture that you put your little extreme sports character through. Landing face-first after 3 flips is way more gruesome and funny than just crashing. I didn’t get too far in the game because I found it really hard but it was really rewarding whenever I would do a jump as planned and intact.

Red Bull Motocross has 50 events, 4 locations, 4 different bikes, and 12 tricks to eventually learn. The game keeps track of 20 different stats like biggest combo, most degrees turned and most painful crash in order to put together 24 possible achievements. It’s rare I see a mobile game this hard, yet so rewarding. I give Red Bull Motocross 3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Buy Red Bull Motocross for $2.99 from Bplay