BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Client for iOS and Android Launches


RIM’s multiplatform smartphone management tool for enterprise: BlackBerry Mobile Fusion has launched on both the iOS App Store and Android Play. With its web interface, you can audit, provision, and protect a diverse mobile deployment.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Studio is an administration interface that allows you to administer BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. It can be installed on a separate computer or on the computer that hosts the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express, or BlackBerry Device Service.

Administrators can support over-the-air installation, upgrading and auditing of required and optional apps for BlackBerry devices. For BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion works with BlackBerry App World to enable administrators to push and install required work apps on users’ tablets. Administrators can also make a catalog of optional apps available for download through the work channel of BlackBerry App World.

the Universal Device Service enables administrators to add and import iOS and Android users, create group memberships, view user and device information, define IT policies and connectivity settings, manage apps on devices and assist users in the recovery of misplaced devices.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Client for Android

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Client for iOS

Source: BerryReview