BlackBerry NFC and City Parking Meters Makes Life Easier and Cities Better


Parking is a huge pain for both city residents and tourists. For residents, city parking seems like a tax grab as residents are already paying a lot in taxes and a $40 parking ticket is a slap in the face. For tourists, it’s going to hurt the visitor’s experience if they can’t find parking or end up with a ticket. With NFC you can now interact with many parking meters, including those in Ottawa, Canada.

Ottawa parking meter

When you scan the NFC tag on the city parking meter, you’re taken to the mobile website of where you enter your car details as well as how many minutes you’re purchasing. The NFC tag also includes location details so that you’re automatically registered with the right parking meter. Now, if you want to purchase more minutes, you don’t have to leave the restaurant, you can simply add more minutes to your car.

What’s missing from this parking meter is the stickers that say where you can download the app. The app is available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

Click this link to download the free BlackBerry app from App World.

It’s great to see simple ways of NFC being implemented that save tax payers money as well as make your city a friendlier place to visitors.

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  • Guest

    If you scan the tag you are actually taken to the page to download the app! Excellent!

  • Jasonb

    Nice!!! Hope it catches on everywhere!!!

  • Guest

    OR…….. you could just put your money in and get a ticket in under 20 seconds??

    REALLY! what is the point in going online to buy a parking ticket?? 

  • Alex Hollins

     umm, no cash in pocket?

  • Alex Hollins

     umm, no cash in pocket?