Free iMazing App Adds Gestures to Email Reading on the BlackBerry


iMazing is a tool that will display you all incoming eMail messages and allow you to instantly process the messages by saving, previewing, replying, marking as read or deleting. Navigate with either with a swipe gesture or via the trackpad. iMazing supports up to three different actions that you can adjust to your likings (swipe left, swipe right or double tap).

You can additionally preview the emails instantly with a single touch. In this preview screen you have also the option to instantly process the message with swipe left, swipe right or double tab.

The free edition allows for these actions on new incoming emails, which is how you’ll be using it most of the time. If you upgrade to the premium edition for $1.99, you’ll be able to have the iMazing functionality through all your messages new or old.

Download iMazing for BlackBerry free from App World.

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