Expense Tracker Timr for BlackBerry Updated to 3.0


Timr is a multiplatform system for keeping track of billable hours, project time and mileage tracking. The beauty of entering this sort of data on a BlackBerry is that you can enter info at any time allowing for more accurate and reliable times and amounts.

Timr consists of a web app and is supported by a smartphone app which is where users end up tracking most of their data. When entering billable hours data after the fact, most users forget about smaller bits of work that can really add up. Having a 10-minute phone call with a client is easily forgotten when you add up your hours at the end of the day but with Timr it is easily tracked and accounted for.

Though the BlackBerry app is free, Timr’s pricing model is very modest and will most likely pay for itself very quickly.

Try out Timr free for a month and start keeping track of your time the right way.

Download the Timr BlackBerry app free from App World.

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