Free Restart Me for BlackBerry Makes Pulling Your Battery Easy


Restart Me by S4BB Limited is a free restarting or battery pull app for BlackBerry. Every seasoned BlackBerry user knows the importance of a daily reset so that everything runs smooth and problem-free. The 99 cent pro version features the ability to schedule resets.

Here are some features of Restart Me:

  • Easy to Use: restarts your device with just a single click.
  • No-Brainer: avoids complicated key combinations to restart your device.
  • Quick Reset: you can auto-restart your device or do it manually.
  • Free your Memory: kills all the unnecessary applications running in background freeing your RAM.
  • Daily Restart Schedule: e.g. wake up with a freshly rebooted smartphone every morning at 7:00 a.m.

Download Restart Me for BlackBerry OS 6 or higher free from App World.

  • @popepope

    Worked the first time, failed the second time told me to pull battery ??

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