Prank Cam for BlackBerry Uses the Camera App to Prank Your Friends


Prank Cam is a fun camera app by Devcellent Solutions that makes it seem like you’re taking regular pics with your BlackBerry meanwhile the app is putting artifacts on people’s faces and distorting the photos in interesting ways.

Upon launch, the familiar BlackBerry Camera app shows up with an option to turn on the PrankCam feature. Select a prank you want to use out of the many that are available to you or move or size the prank to fit your shot. Take the picture while the artifact is visible on the live viewfinder. The better you prank, the more points you get when you share the pranked picture via BBM.

Here are some of Prank Cam’s features:

  • Comes with one FULL Prank Pack that includes many artifacts to begin with.
  • More packs are available for in-app download for free as well as for a fee.
  • Scrapbooks, Masks and many more to come.
  • Does not replace or reinvent the Camera app but simply plugs in to it.
  • Move around the prank artifact on the screen.
  • Make the prank bigger or smaller to fit your victim.
  • Share via Email.
  • Share via BBM by Setting as Profile Picture, sending it to a contact, inviting others to PrankCam, or send a paid Prank to a friend for Free!
  • Unlock achievements and show off your p-rank right on your BBM Profile.
  • More you share, more points you get.

Download Prank Cam for BlackBerry free from App World.

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