Watch My BAC for BlackBerry Playbook Calculates Your Blood Alcohol


Just in time for the weekend is an app for BlackBerry Playbook by Chris Maxwell called Watch My BAC. I’m not sure if you’ve ever calculated you and your friends’ BAC while drinking but it basically turns the whole thing into a really fun game.

The app takes the time you’ve started drinking, what you’ve had to drink, gender and weight into account.

To ensure an accurate B.A.C estimate, Watch My BAC gives the user the option to add custom drink types to a database with specific liquid volumes and alcohol percentages. It is important to note that although Watch My BAC provides an accurate B.A.C estimate, without blood tests or breath tests an exact B.A.C level is impossible to determine.

Buy Watch Your BAC for Playbook for $0.99 form BlackBerry App World.

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