Pacemaker Launches for BlackBerry Playbook


The Pacemaker mobile DJ system was a pretty compelling demo during BlackBerry World 2012, today they’ve launched their premium mobile DJ software for the BlackBerry Playbook. Based on their pricey mobile dj peripheral, the Pacemaker dj app brings all the basic features of a classic 2-deck setup.

I look at a lot of the mobile music apps and in some cases peripherals that are coming out for mobile and can’t imagine any musician or non-amateur DJ making these systems a part of their setup. When professional musicians perform be they laptop DJs or a live PA act, any sounds coming from the laptop are coming from a high-end USB external sound card.

For a consumer app Pacemaker for Playbook is certainly is full featured:

  • Auto beatmatch - Instantly sync two tracks
  • Time stretch - Alter and set the tempo of a track ± 100%
  • Pitch speed - Alter track tempo ± 100% and pitch/key
  • Pitch bend - Nudge a track into phase
  • Loop - Create synchronized loops on the fly
  • Loop travel - a small loop traveling along the sound wave.
  • Reverse
  • Scratching
  • Cue play
  • Set cue point
  • DJ pause - A loop lets you listen, search and set cue point
  • Effects and Beat Effets
  • Kill-all
  • Track EQ
  • Crossfader
  • Gain

Buy Pacemaker for BlackBerry Playbook for $19.99 from App World.

Buy Pacemaker Lite for BlackBerry Playbook for $4.99 from App World.

  • Kyle McInnes

    Man this app is hard to use if you’re not a European DJ. It’s $20 to find out that DJ’ing is actually really hard.