Data Usage Demystified: Free Network Traffic Control for BlackBerry


The BlackBerry platform has always been good about sipping data. If you’re ever curious about how much data you’re putting through you phone, give Network Traffic Control by S4BB a try for free.

The app allows you to enter the particulars of your data plan and is geared towards answering all of your personal bandwidth usage questions. It’s available on all GSM/GRPS/UMTS BlackBerry devices.

Here are some of Network Traffic Control’s features:

  • Radio traffic in, out and total today and this month
  • WiFi traffic in, out and total today and this month
  • Differentiates between traffic sent out and received
  • Over-usage alarm
  • Adjust the first day of month of your telephone bill
  • Adjust the limit of your data plan (eg 10 MB)
  • Adjust the price per KB after your plan’s data limit
  • Maximum traffic fee (i.e. if you are OK to spend $10 on traffic more per month, you will get a notification when your monthly traffic is over $10)
  • Homescreen over-use notification icon: You will now see an “over-usage” icon in your BlackBerry homescreen that you are over your monthly traffic maximum.
  • Auto starts network tracking on device reset and runs in light-weight mode in background.

Download Network Traffic Control free from BlackBerry App World.

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