Smarter Apps Announces 10 Million BlackBerry Users and Makes Angry Farm Game Free


Smarter Apps is a mobile game development studio in Ottawa, Canada. The company was founded by some ex-RIM employees and has grown pretty tremendously since its founding. Recently, Smarter Apps celebrated over 10 million unique BlackBerry users on its platform and its total user base is probably much larger. The company also has games for Android and iOS, so it’s probably going to announce 20 million in the not-so-distant future. To celebrate, Smarter Apps is making its most successful BlackBerry game, Angry Farm, free for everyone.

Angry Farm has had several updates over its lifetime and now features 250 levels. The game features the traditional Angry Birds style gaming with a Dynamite feature that lets you skip levels. Be warned though, you can only use it once per hour.

To download Angry Farm Free, go to BlackBerry App World at this link.