BlackBerry PlayBook Loads Apps 30% Faster Than Apple iPad 2 [Video]


The developer of Pop Corny recently posted a video demonstrating the time it takes to launch his application on the iPad 2 versus the PlayBook. The results show the PlayBook launches the app 30% faster than the iPad 2. While this doesn’t make a difference in-game, it’s a good thing for developers to know that users are getting their apps opened faster and jumping into the action. According to the developer, “You know [RIM has] done something right when it allows a developer that had never even used the platform, come in and port his game in 2-3 days. But that, coupled with the fact that the game actually runs better than it does on the platform that is was originally written for, makes for something really impressive.”

Link for mobile viewing.

Check out the developer’s blog post at this link.

Don’t forget to also download Pop Corny for your PlayBook from App World at this link.

  • KarlosSpicyWienr

    I have run in crowd on both playbook and ipad 1. The ipad loads the game about 5 seconds faster but is super choppy and almost un-playable whereas the playbook version is super smooth. Whats the point of having a ton of apps if they’re just duds? BlackBerrybychoice!