BlackBerry 101 Tip: Scan QR Barcodes Directly From BlackBerry App World Options


Here’s a tip you may or may not have known, if you’re the type to scan QR codes whenever you see them, you can do it from BlackBerry App World. Back in the day, you used to be able to use BBM for scanning barcodes, but that disappeared for some reason. Well if you have the latest version of App World (not sure when exactly this feature showed up), you can scan barcodes from the app. No need for third party software.

To access the QR Code scanner in BlackBerry App World, make sure you have the latest version of App World, open the application and hit the menu key. From there, you’ll see the option to “Scan a Barcode”.

As French Canadians say, “that’s it, that’s all”.

Side note: QR codes are awful. They’re a giant pain in the ass for very little reward. Take for example the upcoming movie Branded. The company that’s in charge of marketing goes through all this hassle putting QR codes in the trailer as a sort of viral marketing technique and if you actually manage to scan the fleeting barcodes, it sends you to a mobile version of Then, they ask you to get a friend’s phone and scan another code. Oy vey. At this point I’d rather just stick a hot knitting needle in my eye. Why didn’t you just put the link at the end of the trailer rather than make me jump through these hoops? Most posters, coasters and promotional materials are the same deal. Just put an easy-to-remember link and be done with it.