BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Consolidates Enterprise Offerings and Supports More Devices


BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is a consolidation of several services including mobile device management, enterprise mobility management and features a web-based console for administration. Compatible with your existing BlackBerry Enterprise Server (5.0.3 and above), BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 supports several classes of smartphone and tablet making it perfect for the modern BYOD deployment.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 supports BlackBerry 7 devices, BlackBerry 10 devices, Playbook, iOS (via Universal Device Management) and Android smartphones and tablets. The consolidation of these services will certainly make things easier as RIM begins to pitch the next generation BlackBerry 10 smartphones to the enterprise.

The beauty of the system is that the management console can handle all sorts of tasks without having to be on-site. It also consolidates all sorts of enterprise deployments into a simpler channel with more options than ever before.

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