UPDATED: Somebody Needs to Fix Instagram Posts On BlackBerry Browsers


UPDATE: Nice! This has been fixed.

We’ve known about the Facebook acquisition of Instagram for some time now and yesterday, the company acknoledged the acqusiiton on its corporate news section with a post titled “Welcoming Instagram to Facebook“. In the post, Facebook says, “We also can’t wait to work with the talented Instagram team to improve the mobile experience.” Now, we’ve talked before on the site how the Instagram experience on Facebook for iOS is beautiful and lacking on BlackBerry, but what about the simple fact that the service is basically incompatible with the BlackBerry Browser? Instagram seems to have a beef with BlackBerry that makes their service look terrible on BlackBerry Browsers, but maybe now with Facebook behind them, they might take the small amount of effort required to make their service compatible with BlackBerry Browsers.

Instagram on the Torch 9810

Instagram on the Bold 9900

On both of the above images, the Instagram website isn’t able to detect a BlackBerry browser and serve content in a way that makes viewing the images easy. Sure, some at Instagram may say it’s the fault of RIM for not making a device capable of displaying large, beautiful, portrait images, but that doesn’t address the Torch 9810. At the very least, the 9810 should be detected as it can display images just as well as an iPhone can.

Who should be blamed? It looks like Instagram is at fault here. Just build something on your site that adequately detects devices. Seriously, that’s like an afternoon’s worth of work and you’re supposed to be worth a billion dollars.

Instagram on the native Twitter app for iOS (formerly Tweetie)

Instagram on the native Twitter app for BlackBerry. This is sort of a double-insult because you can’t see the image and you have to click on the link. But then when you click on the link, the site isn’t formatted for mobile.

Why can’t the native BlackBerry Twitter app display Instagram images in the app? The first party Twitter app for iOS wasn’t even developed by Twitter, it was made by the people behind Tweetie. I’m pretty sure Instagram provides an API to access images, so it’s not clear why the official Twitter app, developed by RIM, can’t display the Instagram images in the app itself.

Who should be blamed? It seems like RIM is on the hook for this one. Whether or not the API can provide this and display in the app feed, they could get whatever is needed from Instagram to put this in the app. It would benefit Twitter and Instagram making it an easy sell.

Instagram in the iOS browser

Just for comparison’s sake, the above is Instagram’s site rendered on an iOS device. Looks great.

Instagram image in Twitter mobile site on iOS browser

Instagram image in Twitter mobile site on BlackBerry Browser

Instagram should take a note from Twitter and simply format the mobile site. As you can see, Twitter displays the images beautifully on a BlackBerry browser. See Instagram? Just take the time to make your site mobile-friendly. It’s not so hard.

  • sthompse

    It is a quick line of code to make it work with a BB browser. Instagram - get on it!!!

  • bunny

    I’m frustrated that on my twitter i can’t see the hole instagram picture…are they going to fix it? because i though that it was something wrong with my phone….jezzzzzz

  • eilegz

    not working again, instagram just sucks…..