Viira Outlook Suite Brings Your Outlook to BlackBerry Updated to 2.1


Viira Outlook Suite by Karta Mobile is an elegant fusion of Microsoft Outlook and the BlackBerry. Designed with philosophies drawn from David Allen’s Getting Things Done, the Outlook suite relies heavily on key actionable elements such as projects, contexts, day tasks and an in-basket to help staff remain productive. Viira Outlook Suite is also 15% off for a limited time.

Viira Outlook Suite works by way of pairing an Outlook Plugin with a full-fledged BlackBerry client. The system remains synced so people are free to work from their desks or their mobile.

Here’s what’s new in 2.1:

  • Next Actions View: Next actions keep momentum going and is one of the key concepts of Getting Things Done
  • Multiple Contexts: Projects can be tagged with multiple contexts on both the desktop and the BlackBerry
  • Dashboard: The new control centre for all your organizational needs
  • Hide Completed: Keep your focus on the tasks at hand by hiding your completed tasks
  • Enhanced Outlook Plugin: They’ve improved Outlook on your desktop with context clicks for easier and faster navigation.

Buy Viira Outlook Suite for BlackBerry, on sale now for just $59.99.

Download the free trial by registering with Karta Mobile.