Zombie Attack for BlackBerry Playbook Gets a Big Halloween Update


Smarter Apps’ hit Playbook game Zombie Attack has announced a free Halloween expansion. The fire and forget style game (like Angry Birds) will feature 50 all new levels in the theme of the best holiday in North America: Halloween.

Attack the zombie hoards with a huge variety of weapons, just make sure you use your weapons efficiently or be overrun by brain-eating zombies. The expansion brings the total amount of levels up to 250 delivering hours of zombie-blasting entertainment.

Players who’ve hit a snag can go to Smarter Apps’ website for tips or they can buy a $0.99 perk in game that allows you to clear a level using an atomic bomb. The bomb has a cooldown of one hour and once you’ve purchased the bomb you have it in your arsenal for life.

Click here to Download Zombie Attack for BlackBerry Playbook free for a limited time from App World.