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Zombie Attack for BlackBerry Playbook Gets a Big Halloween Update


Smarter Apps’ hit Playbook game Zombie Attack has announced a free Halloween expansion. The fire and forget style game (like Angry Birds) will feature 50 all new levels in the theme of the best holiday in North America: Halloween.
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Watch the BlackBerry Jam Americas Keynote


RIM CEO Thorsten Heins gives us a sneak peek of BlackBerry 10, RIM’s next generation mobile OS. The 15-minute video shows off the speedy and gorgeous new user interface that is sure to make any mobile multitasker’s mouth water.

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BlackBerry Jam Americas Hackathon Winners


Before opening day at BlackBerry Jam Americas, several development teams took part in a BlackBerry 10 hackathon to see what apps can come out of a single day of coding. Winners were judged on several criteria and a lot of different types of apps came out of the project.

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BlackBerry 10 Developer Song by Alec Saunders


RIM’s VP of developer relations put together a BlackBerry 10 song all about the company’s love of developers. Passionately touting all of the tools developers use to make apps for BlackBerry 10, the song is both light-hearted and shamelessly nerdy.

BlackBerry 10 Screenshots from BlackBerry Jam


Here are some of the latest screenshots of BlackBerry 10 revealing some of the new user interface elements of RIM’s next generation mobile operating system.

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RIM Releases Major Update to the BlackBerry 10 Development Tools Beta


RIM has announced a major update to the BlackBerry 10 development tools beta. Being touted as the most open development ecosystem in mobile today, BlackBerry 10′s new dev tools allows developers to build their apps using one of many supported languages such as C/C++ (native BB10 development), HTML5/Webworks, Adobe AIR, or Android Java runtime technologies.
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