Emacberry Goes on App Updating Blitz: FileScout, GPSLogger II, TOMPlayer and LittleBrother


It’s Monday for everyone else but Matthias Marquardt has been busy updating his amazingly useful BlackBerry apps. The updates cover a lot of eMacBerry apps such as Dropbox-enabled FileScout, location logger GPSLogger II, audio book player TOMPlayer and location automation tool LittleBrother.

Starting with FileScout v2.9.1.2 (and the new Dropbox Plugin version v1. - The Update includes enhanced multiple content handlers handling as well as adjustments for upcoming Dropbox API changes, which makes it essential for all developers to adjust their code.

Click here to try or buy FileScout for BlackBerry for $4.99 from App World.

GPSLogger II is now supporting for OS7 devices with a magnetometer sensor. This sensor is providing the heading information based on the magnetic north. The sensor is way more accurate compared to the GPS-Signal and is is updating very very fast. This makes all direction based functionalities of GPSLogger II (like the “CarFinder”, the “GeoCacheing feature” or the “OutDoorNavigation”) way more accurate.

Click here to download GPSLogger II free for BlackBerry from App World.

The Other Media Player TOMPlayer application have got support for single audio files. This sounds a bit strange but once I created TOMPlayer I had the need to a decent media player application that is suitable to my needs for playback of audio books (storing each time the last active tack and the playback position in the last active track). Over the past month the feedback from the user base was so positive and the demand for being able to playback single audio files like podcasts without the need to create a playlist (m3u) first was really high.

Click here to download TOMPlayer for BlackBerry free from emacberry.com

LittleBrother v1.0.5.1 received support for updating your location in Google Latitude, here’s why you should use the Little Brother app instead of Google Maps. LittleBrother needs almost no extra power to know your current location. LittleBrother will only transfer the core location data: latitude and longitude values - nothing more. The app will only transfer your location when it’s changing. For example if you don’t leave the house, Little Brother won’t update.

Click here to download the Little Brother Beta for BlackBerry, free from App World.