No Theme Studio for BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Playbook


Absent from the talk of all the ways to get your apps on to BlackBerry 10 is Theme Studio. Theme Studio is the theming suite for legacy BlackBerry OSes that spawned a cottage industry of designers selling packaged themes of icon sets, wallpaper and custom home screens on BlackBerry App World.

RIM has stated that there will be no theme studio or theme support for BlackBerry 10, but there are lots more opportunities to develop products of a similar nature that can handle UX (user experience) on the new BlackBerry 10 platform.

This will mean for a fresh crop of user interface tweak utilities, app launchers and wallpaper changers. I welcome the change because my only criticism of the old theme method was that the icons and their placements in the menu didn’t hold true as I changed between theme packs. The BlackBerry 10 platform has also proven itself as a platform capable of running a video background using systems like FUZZengine.

BlackBerry Theme outfit Elecite has been working a bit outside of Theme Studio lines for quite a while bringing themes to BlackBerry 7 devices before their time and using tools available to those who build apps to change the UX on a BlackBerry Theme. This might come as bad news to smaller theme outfits that worked more as theme designers with little programming knowledge.

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