Pacemaker DJ App for BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to


Pacemaker is a DJ app for the BlackBerry PlayBook that allows you to mix 2 songs together using your tablet. Adjust the BPM to manually beatmatch and mix tracks, or use the sync option to do it automatically.

The update includes a vinyl mode for scratching, beat lock and sync tempo features, a stutter effect called beat jump as well as a new digital audio output using your HDMI out.

We were so curious about Pacemaker and it’s $20 price tag that we had to buy the pro version. Pacemaker has been seeing a lot of use as my primary music player for the PlayBook. I can’t wait to use it on a BlackBerry 10 device.

The single feature that on my wishlist for one of Pacemaker’s frequent updates would be to not bury the 3-band EQ controls. Every mixer in every club has these 3 knobs front and centre and it’s a mystery to me why they are hidden under a button in a music mixing app. There are a lot of mixing techniques that Pacemaker users are missing out on because they can’t quickly kill an EQ band.

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