RIM Announces Carrier Testing of BlackBerry 10


RIM’s next-generation mobile phone platform BlackBerry 10 is currently going through carrier testing with over 50 carriers worldwide.

This is good news considering that the sales of a new mobile platform depends entirely on how much exposure, retail placement and staff training the carriers choose to put into the new BlackBerry 10 OS and hardware.

RIM’s promotion of the new platform also involves a lot of face time with RIM execs. Just last week Thorsten Heins finished off a tour of major markets in Asia and Australia meeting with carriers and business partners.

It’s been a good while since BlackBerry has had favorable carrier placement. BlackBerry’s aging platform has led to being absent from the front page of carrier flyers in recent years and I’m sure carriers will be glad to have something new to promote instead of the usual lineup of iOS and Android devices.

  • Meistro

    I like this, BB10 is on the move!! I just wonder when in Jan 2013 BB10 will be available in SA? I can upgrade 01/01/2013…!