Keep a Daily Journal with A Day in Life for BlackBerry PlayBook


A Day in Life is daily journal app by XLabz for the BlackBerry Playbook. Make notes, add photos and include some real data such as your location and weather.

A Day in Life is ideal for keeping a daily journal. With a great colourful user interface the app works in portrait mode only which is pretty good at viewing a whole week’s worth of events at a time. I especially like how added photos replace a day’s “color” when browsing.

View your past days in a variety of views: Visual Timeline offers a stylized view while Photo, calendar and favourites modes show more basic views.

I could imagine a lot of great use-cases for a tablet app like this. Lots of retail businesses like coffeeshops and restaurants rely on notebooks and communications logs to communicate between morning and night staff.

Buy A Day in Life for BlackBerry PlayBook for $1.99 from App World.