Track Email and Gain Insight With ContactMonkey Bridge Plugin


ContactMonkey is the startup that recently brought a simple way to share your contact information via an email signature. The idea is brilliant in that it allows you to provide someone with a single landing page, formatted for mobile, that you can share and have all your details downloaded. The company’s latest product is the Bridge Plugin and it allows you to track who is opening your emails as well as view analytics around who you’re emailing most and when.

The Bridge Plugin allows you to get a detailed view and where and when your emails are being opened as well as by whom. The plugin works for both Google Chrome users on Gmail and Microsoft Outlook 2010 users.

Bridge is an easy to install plugin and once installed, it just starts to work as soon as you log in to your email. There is a free 14-day trial with the service too.

The service gains value over time and one of the benefits of this is learning how to batch your emails (see point 3). If you learn that the majority of your contacts are replying to emails in the morning, you can batch your emails to be sent in the morning so as to be assured that they will be read. You can also use this as a CRM tool to see which potential sales leads have seen your emails.

Head over to this ContactMonkey landing page at this link to get more details on the Bridge Plugin.

NOTE: This is not to be confused with BlackBerry Bridge for PlayBook.