DoomGLES Back Online and HereticGLES Launches on BlackBerry Playbook


A couple of weeks ago we wrote about DoomGLES by Michael Ryssen for BlackBerry PlayBook. The game was taken offline because someone falsely reported to App World that they don’t have the rights to sell it. Well DoomGLES is back alongside another classic FPS game: HereticGLES for BlackBerry PlayBook.

Both HereticGLES and DoomGLES are classic PC FPS games ported to OpenGLES. HereticGLES for BlackBerry PlayBook sports realtime dynamic lighting, particle effects, 3D monsters, gory blood projections and realistic water effects.

Click here to buy HereticGLES for $1.99 for BlackBerry Playbook from App World.

Click here to buy DoomGLES for $1.99 for BlackBerry Playbook from App World.

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