RIM Announces Details on the Global BlackBerry 10 Launch Party


Today Research In Motion announced a few details on their highly anticipated BlackBerry 10 launch. The launch event is happening worldwide on January 30th at which point they’ll be announcing the retail availability of their 2 BlackBerry 10 launch devices.

Here are a couple of new design philosophies that are coming to BlackBerry 10 OS and devices:

User Interface

The most obvious overhaul is the all-new BlackBerry user interface. With mobile multitasking baked-in to the new platform, BlackBerry users will be able to swiftly navigate between apps, messages, calendar and various feeds. BlackBerry Flow and BlackBerry Hub are at the centre of the new navigation philosophy and it looks like just the tools people need to tackle a busy day.

The new N series keyboard looks a lot like the current 9900 keyboard, which is good because it’s the best mobile keyboard out there. The touchscreen keyboard on the L series appears to be significantly better than the current crop of touchscreen BlackBerry virtual keyboards.

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