RIM Offering Addtional Game Porting Incentives for BlackBerry 10


RIM is offering game developers some extra incentive to port their games to BlackBerry 10. On November 16th, during an event called the BlackBerry Got Game Port-a-Thon, RIM experts will be on hand to help game devs port their games as well as offer extra cash and incentives. The amount of money RIM is offering is pretty small, only $100 for every game approved, especially compared to the $10K offer, but if there’s a quick Flash game port you could do this may be worth it.

blackberry port a thon

Here is what you get:

  • Receive $100 USD for every approved gaming app you submit (up to a maximum of 20 apps)
  • Submit more than 2, less than 5 approved gaming apps and get a BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet
  • Be one of the first one hundred (100) qualified participants to submit 5 or more and less than 10 approved gaming apps and also get a coveted BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device
  • Be one of the first ten (10) qualified participants to submit 10 – 20 approved gaming apps and get a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device + a trip to the 2013 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco!

Register for the BlackBerry Got Game Port-a-Thon at this link.

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