Snap Secure Launches Mobile Personal and Family Security Suite


Snap Secure by Snap MyLife inc. is a US-based mobile security company that specializes in protecting your family’s phones and data. This includes backing up data, mobile antivirus, privacy management, location services for family members, remote controlling of missing devices and remote data wiping should retrieval prove to be impossible.

Mobile phones are quickly becoming an indispensable tool in people’s lives. You’ve probably noticed that losing your smartphone in this day and age is a big ordeal in comparison to losing a feature phone a few years ago. Today losing a phone means you’ve lost lots of photos not backed up, a month’s worth of new contacts (if you even back up that often) and other bits that are even more personal. Compare that to losing a mid-2000s Nokia where all you’ve lost is your address book and a few low res photos. Our increased reliance on our smartphones means we need to take extra precautions just in case the worst should happen.

Some of the more family-oriented features include GPS tracking software for your kids with a web interface. You can also set geographic boundaries and receive notifications when your child crosses them.

A yearly subscription costs $89.89 and comes loaded with features. This includes 6 devices and 10GB of mobile sync storage.

Click here to learn more about Snap Secure and to download a free 7-day trial.