BlackBerry App World Integrated Carrier Billing Goes Live With Over 50 Carriers


RIM has announced that over 50 carriers have signed on for the integrated carrier billing on their BlackBerry App World storefront. The new system allows BlackBerry customers to buy apps and digital goods using their mobile phone bill.

This is great news for carriers, customers, contact developers and publishers who will all surely experience a big bump in sales from regions whose people don’t shop online using a credit card. The new global system has been in the works a long time and is thanks to a partnership between RIM and Bango a company that handles mobile payment services.

With over 100,000 apps in the BlackBerry App World inventory, direct to carrier billing will mean seamless purchasing for millions of BlackBerry customers worldwide.

Already the Playbook OS accounts for a disproportionate amount of market share for paid apps on BlackBerry App World. With carrier billing ready to go for BlackBerry 10 launch, it looks like the new platform will hit the ground running with a mature app ecosystem.

Click here for a full list of the carriers to sign on for carrier billing. Some regions have multiple carriers supporting the new system including Canada, Indonesia, USA and the UK. a Pair of Multinational carriers have signed on too such as Digicel covering the Caribbean and the pan-european carrier Vodafone.