Mouse Hunter ON STEROIDS! and Ninjas vs Zombies: 2 Free BlackBerry Games


Rock n Roll Game Studio has announced the release of 2 free games for BlackBerry. Mouse Hunter ON STEROIDS! is for BlackBerry 7 and Ninjas vs Zombies is for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook.

Ninjas vs Zombies is a puzzle game featuring a furious battle between a nonstop onslaught of zombies and humanity’s last hope: ninja warriors. The plan of ridding the earth of zombies forever involves finding alien weapons and using them against your undead foes.

Click here to download Ninjas vs Zombies free for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook from App World.

In Mouse Hunter ON STEROIDS! Rid the house of mice with the mouse hunter, a futuristic robotic cat. This game looks really cute and has great-looking graphics for a BlackBerry 7 game.

Click here to download Mouse Hunter ON STEROIDS! for BlackBerry free from App World.