Startup Canada Takes a Tour of VeloCity Garage and Residence with Mike Kirkup


We talked a lot with Mike Kirkup over the years during his tenure at RIM as a VP of Developer Relations. Now, he’s Director of Student Innovation at VeloCity out of the University of Waterloo, giving startups the tools and resources they need to create great businesses.

VeloCity was created as a gateway to entrepreneurship for students. The program is a collaborative community of student innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs. From ideation to prosperous startup, VeloCity is where our most promising students and alumni find support. For a tour of some of the facilities, check out the videos below and take a tour with Mike Kirkup.

Startup Canada - VeloCity Garage 5/16/2012

YouTube link for mobile viewing.

Startup Canada - VeloCity Residence 5/16/2012

YouTube link for mobile viewing.

UPDATE: I realize this was posted about a month ago but we haven’t written about Velocity since we wrote about the Kirkup move.