Balkan BlackBerry Developer Group Organizes BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam


The Balkans BlackBerry Developer group recently helped organize a “Mini” BlackBerry 10 Jam conference, although with over 200 developers present, it wasn’t exactly mini. The event was held in Maribor, which is the second largest city in Slovenia, at the Maribor Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The event featured learning sessions and what looks like an awesome after party - all the essential features of a great developer conference. Hit the jump for more details and pics from the event.

Hey RIM, bring these girls to the next BlackBerry Jam North America event, please and thanks.

The event had a long day of learning sessions with RIM’s Principal Developer Evangelist, Aaron Ardiri, who had some interesting stats to share about the BlackBerry platform. Ardiri paid special attention to the lifecycle of applications and pointed out basic app marketing principles.

Advertising is going to be an important part of the app ecosystem on BlackBerry 10 and since advertisers generally expect a decent ROI on a new platform, RIM will include a highly integrated advertising platform in BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry is active in 160 markets, and supports 26 currencies, making it a great platform to cover a wide range of users. There was also a lot of discussion around the number of potential customers, what App World can and cannot sell, and how best to sell an app in App World.

Overall, it seems the whole day was a nice balance of development and marketing sessions. After a hard day of learning, the best way to wrap it up is by killing brain cells so the whole group went to a club in Slovenia called PlusMinus. There, there were plenty of giveaways including Dev Alpha devices and PlayBooks.

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