BlackBerry 10 Missing Facebook Integration in Games Due to Webview Issue


If you’re developing a game for BlackBerry 10, you may be interested to know that, as far as our research can tell, there is no way to integrate native facebook APIs into your games on BlackBerry 10. The problem stems from the fact that integrating facebook natively, that is to use the official APIs from facebook, requires that you have a Webview that will let you pass an authentication token between the game and facebook. This feature doesn’t currently exist on BlackBerry 10, meaning any developer that relies heavily on facebook for friend invites is not supported. Inviting friends via facebook, for some games, is a crucial marketing tool that RIM should really be addressing ahead of launch.

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Here is someone from the Support Forums that is having the same problem with no response in almost a month.

“Hi there,

I try to create native app using facebook api using the webview to get the URL link to retrieve the access token. However, the webview won’t display the redirected link from that API hence won’t allow me get the result. I did try using the normal browser and it works fine. Really confused now, is it the webview on bb10 dev alpha not working properly with facebook redirect??

Anyone ever try to develop facebook connect App using bb10?? Please help….

note: I’m using cascade, bb10, dev alpha


It could be that RIM’s solution is simply to push people to ScoreLoop which lets users “find their friends from their favorite social networks including Twitter and Facebook and enable competition against their closest rivals.” It’s not clear if ScoreLoop provides enough facebook integration to merit not needing a Webview fix.

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  • Jon

    Facebook uses OAuth2, which works just fine on Cascades… Probably developer error.

  • Nick Smith

    Cascades and raw C++ development are still not properly unified on BB10. BlackBerry basically advertise these as two separate SDKs/approaches to building an app (although there is only a single actual SDK install). The reason for this seems to be that interop between raw Open GL ES (used for games) and Cascades (which uses GL internally to render) is not well planned or documented. Webview is only supported via Cascades (no “pure” C++ webview API) so putting webviews via cascades into you GL based game is not trivial/encouraged/documented. Probably doable though ;) BlackBerry really do need to address this.