Clipboard History for BlackBerry Updated to 10.0.16


Clipboard History is a productivity app from S4BB that gives you access to a historical list of all the clipboard items that you’ve copied or cut. We’ve all had a situation in which we need to have 2 items at a time copied, Clipboard History provides this functionality and more.

Clipboard history recognizes data formats such as phone numbers, text, URLs and more so you can click a copied item and instantly make a call or navigate to a web site. Users can quickly access Clipboard History’s features from any app through the BlackBerry menu button. The update fixed some bugs and enhanced performance of the app and is available for devices running BlackBerry 6 and up.

Clipboard History is available in both free and a premium 99 cent version.

Click here to download Clipboard History Free from BlackBerry App World.

Click here to buy Clipboard History Pro for BlackBerry for 99 cents from App World.

  • jim

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