BlackBerry Messenger 7 Receives Free WiFi Voice Calls for BBM Contacts


BBM 7 launched with free BBM WiFi Voice Chat that allows users to call anyone on their BBM contacts list for free.

BBM Voice requires a WiFi connection for both parties a lot like the BlackBerry Playbook video chat. Users know which contacts are free to receive calls by way of active status icons. While engaged in a BBM Voice call, users can still navigate to other BBM conversations or do anything they wish short of making other voice calls.

Click here to watch the BBM 7 Video from your BlackBerry Browser.

The free calling system also supports any mic and speakerphone accessory that you use for regular calls. Switching audio sources between accessories is handled through the BlackBerry menu just like how it’s handled with normal voice calls. BBM 7 also has BBID synchronization making for easier device migration. This will insure that your contacts are intact when you make the switch over to BlackBerry 10.

Head over to BlackBerry App World to install the latest BBM or if you’ve removed BBM by accident click here to download it again.