Magmic’s Jonathan Simon Promotes BlackBerry 10 Ahead of Fiscal Results


With RIM’s financial quarterly reports coming this afternoon, the media wants to know more about BlackBerry 10 and how developers feel about the platform. Most media is pretty in the dark when it comes to BlackBerry 10, because for the most part, they haven’t had their hands on the device and tried out a final version. Magmic’s Jonathan Simon was on the Business News Network talking about BlackBerry 10 and why Magmic supports the platform.

We were watching it on a projector so excuse the bad pic.

Some of the interesting takeaways include when asked what’s different about RIM today, Jonathan said “there’s been a real culture change at RIM. The company is reaching out to the community and building the right tools for developers.”

When asked if BlackBerry 10 will overtake Android, Simon simply said “it’s hard to tell.” It’s a diplomatic answer to a question that is ultimately unfair and poorly researched. BlackBerry 10 doesn’t need to surpass Android to be successful and Android is just an operating system, RIM is the full product. BNN was comparing oranges to an orange grove.

Here at BlackBerryCool, we’re actually not even really interested in the earnings call today. Yes, it’s going to be bad. The company is spending a lot of money turning the platform around and doesn’t have a new product in market. Lets move on and let RIM make BB10 the best it can be.