Tell Developers to Port to BlackBerry 10 on Twitter at


It’s pretty straight forward why developers choose to port their apps to a platform. The main reason is typically a business case. You look at your budgets, determine the porting costs, and guess at the revenue potential from porting. If costs are lower or equal to revenues, you port. There’s other reasons but typically this is the most important. As potential BlackBerry 10 users, a great way to show that there’s a market and potential revenue in porting, is to tell the developers ahead of launch with

The site uses a simple Twitter integration to send a tweet to the respective app developers, telling them you want their app ported to BlackBerry 10. It’s a great idea and we highly recommend you get involved.

Head over to PortToBlackBerry10 at this link to tweet your favorite developers.

  • RP Singh

    Well.. in the absence of a twitter account, I’ll let them know here! Would love to see a NeverWinter Nights (1) client for BB10!