Reminder: BlackBerry Dev Alpha C Offer Running Until February 5th, 2013


The Dev Alpha program is a great initiative on RIM’s part that makes a lot of sense. If you’re a developer, you want to know that your app runs smoothly on the latest device so that the first build you put out is your best foot forward. Simulators help, but they don’t always provide realistic representations of how the app performs under different connectivity and usage scenarios.

The Dev Alpha C is the Dev Alpha device for the QWERTY version of the newest BlackBerry 10 devices. With the Dev Alpha C, you’ll be able to test if your apps and games run smoothly on the device, and perhaps you’ll want to tweak some of the UI/UX in order to best suit the device. Check after the jump for the details on the Dev Alpha C program.

The top 1,500 people to submit two or more applications will be given priority seeding for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C. These 1,500 developers will be determined on the following point system:

  • 50 points for ported Android applications
  • 250 points for all other applications (Native, BlackBerry® WebWorks™, Adobe AIR)
  • 1,500 points for Built For BlackBerry certified application
  • 200 points to start for BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A/B recipients
  • 200 points to start if you are a BlackBerry Elite Member
  • BONUS: 200 points if you contribute to a repo on between Dec 1 and Feb 5

To qualify, developers must first register below.

The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C offer will run from December 1, 2012 through February 5, 2013.