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BlackBerry 10 Launch Announcement Toronto


I’m here at the press-saturated BlackBerry 10 launch event in Toronto. I’ve been to several device launch events in the past and none have come close to the scale and scope of this announcement.
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ooVoo Launches BlackBerry 10 App Despite BlackBerry Being a “Niche Market”


Well this is funny. A few weeks ago at CES, the CBC was at CES 2013 and interviewed the President of ooVoo with this statement:

BlackBerry and Windows apps? For CES exhibitors, they’re an afterthought at best.

“We’re in talks to integrate with [BlackBerry Messenger] and we’re working on a Windows version,” says Jay
Samit, president of ooVoo, a video chat service. “But they’re such a niche market.”

Then, exactly 3 weeks later, ooVoo announces a BlackBerry 10 app and support that seems to go way beyond just BBM integration. Also, if they’re such a niche market, why are you now so excited? Either the CBC misinterpreted the President, or RIM’s dev relations team are amazing at changing companies’ minds about the platform. Either way, it’s a win for upcoming BlackBerry 10 users. Keep reading for the press release.
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10tons Announces 10 Launch Games for BlackBerry 10


Finnish game developer 10tons has been busy preparing a full lineup of games for RIM’s next generation mobile platform: BlackBerry 10. The games will be ready for the big launch on January 30th and features lots of puzzle games as well as a few other genres. Continue reading ’10tons Announces 10 Launch Games for BlackBerry 10′

BlackBerry Game Developers: Win Tickets to Quo Vadis and Mentorship Package


BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan has announced a worldwide BlackBerry game developer challenge. Submit your best game published in the last year on BlackBerry World and you could be one of three winners of business passes to Germany’s biggest game developer conference: Quo Vadis as well as mentorship from two industry veterans. Continue reading ‘BlackBerry Game Developers: Win Tickets to Quo Vadis and Mentorship Package’

BlackBerry Preps First Ever Super Bowl Commercial


One of the advantages of a January launch is the awesome marketing potential of the Super Bowl. For years RIM has ignored this ultra-high-profile ad opportunity. With the launch of their next generation mobile OS however, the Super Bowl might be just the thing to turn some heads and generated some much-needed hype.
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Details of the Nike+ Accelerator Powered by TechStars NYC


I recently attended the recruiting tour for the Nike+ Accelerator powered by TechStars NYC and I thought it might be beneficial to write up some info and thoughts for those interested in the program. For those who don’t know, Nike has launched a startup accelerator in partnership with TechStars NYC to find startups that can leverage access to the Nike+ Fuel data to build a startup or complement a startups data. The goal is to get some initial seed money, go through the TechStars program and build a business that may be acquired by Nike or simply exist as its own business. Read on for more details.
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