Get Washboard Abs for a Dollar with Runtastic SitUps Pro for BlackBerry 10


Runtastic GmbH has made a brand new fitness app for BlackBerry 10. Runtastic SitUps PRO is a sit-up trainer that counts your sit-ups by using your BlackBerry device’s accelerometer. Keep motivated by following a training routine that will eventually draw you a nice hockey-stick-shaped graph: the universal symbol for success.

Pushups and Situps are some of the easier exercises to do; Everyone can do at least a few and that’s all you need to begin a routine that will eventually lead to you doing many of them. The app develops a routine and gives you game-style achievements for encouragement along the way.

Click here to buy Runtastic SitUps Pro for BlackBerry 10 for just 99 cents.

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