5 Reasons to Switch from iPhone 5 to the BlackBerry Z10


If you’re an iPhone 5 user, there’s a few things about BlackBerry 10 that you’ll find interesting. Granted, there’s definitely some things that you would miss if you switched, such as the obvious app gap with Netflix, Instagram and more missing from the app list. But there are also some really great features about BlackBerry 10 such as the unparalleled typing experience that you’ll really appreciate. We’ve put together 5 cool BlackBerry Z10 features that may get you to switch.

1. Typing Experience - The iOS keyboard still sucks. Autocorrect is still an issue and my friends with iPhones are consistently sending me emails with typos. Personally, I’ve always hated BlackBerry’s virtual keyboards but this one is completely different. The spelling correction is great and it only gets better with time.

2. Standard Connections - Aren’t you tired of how Apple constantly changes its connections and renders all accessories useless? If you’re an iPhone 5 user, how often have you asked someone “do you have a spare charger?” only for them to pull out the non-Lightning charger. With the BlackBerry Z10, you’ve got a standard Micro-USB charger that’s compatible with even Android devices.

3. Multiple Screens - As mentioned above, one of the great things about BB10 is standard connections, including HDMI. You can not only share your screen with the standard HDMI, but you can even share your mobile screen over BBM. This is going to have some really interesting implications for business and consumers.

4. Maps - The new BlackBerry 10 maps are powered by Tom Tom and they’re impressive. The map app comes with the ability to view traffic as well as set favorites for easy and quick navigation. If you’re tired of your crApple Maps and easy navigation is important to you, consider switching to BlackBerry 10.

5. Bigger Screen - If you’re an iPhone 5 user, you’ll definitely appreciate the bigger screen as it was probably one of the reasons you upgraded. The BlackBerry Z10 has an even bigger screen, but not ridiculously big like the Samsung Note. It’s still manageable but gives you more space to do the things you love.

  • http://twitter.com/jwyoungy Jamie Young

    Iphone 5 buyers are hard core apple, why else would they pay for a phone that’s hardly better than the iphone 4s it replaced? Unless Steve Jobs came back from the dead and endorsed the new blackberry is don’t see many switching. I bought the new Z 10 today and it’s the best phone I have ever had. It has so many cool features. You make great points here but they will mostly fall on deaf ears when it comes to your target audience

  • Post

    The author doesn’t know what he is talking about. Consider maps. Take out your iPhone 5. Click on the stock maps app. Lift the corner in the bottom right. Data from TomTom… Same as the “better” TomTom Blackberry is using?

  • Dan

    This has to be the the dumbest article ever. iOS has one of the best virtual keyboards, has not only Apple Maps but also Google Maps, and a much more developed ecosystem. BlackBerry 10′s hub is the longer approach at managing notifications than iOS’s notification drop down menu.

  • http://twitter.com/svivie Stephen

    I don’t see any of these reasons as key points in making the switch from iPhone 5 to the new Z10. The .2 of an inch is hardly worth changing for a bigger screen. Apple’s stock Map app on the iPhone 5 actually works perfectly fine. And I’m assuming most iPhone 5 users would have an Apple TV in their home - so why would they want to hook up a cord and connect it to your TV when you could simply use your wifi connection and showcase most of the content you’d want to share wirelessly?

    I am an iPhone 5 user, and although I find the Z10 interesting and a step in the right direction for BlackBerry, I don’t think it offers anything above and beyond what I can currently do on my iPhone 5 that would be worth considering it an “upgrade”. If anything, the BlackBerry is finally on par with the iPhone. I’m definitely not anti-BlackBerry - I just took two friends out today and encouraged them to buy the Z10 as I felt it was a better fit for them over the iPhone. But I think people are being slightly over-optimistic about the Z10. It’s certainly a step forward in the right direction, but it hasn’t offered anything to create a “wow” factor that would make me consider a switch!

  • Anailuy

    Actually, you have the option to turn off the auto-corrector of the iPhone.

  • RP Singh

    I can’t speak for apple phone users in general, but most of the people I know who switched from Berries to apple phones ceased being able to send and receive e-mails at all, they just couldn’t get it to work, period. They also stopped placing and receiving telephone calls on their phones because they could not ever be heard properly nor could they hear very well when someone called them. My experience with a local ISP was that members of the ISP’s technical support team could spend entire days taking calls just from apple phone owners who could not get their ISP e-mail or their wifi to work on apple phones.

    Of the apple phone users I know, most ended up getting the apple phones because the had thought it would be a better experience for them than their Berries. Whenever they would showcase their apple phones to me to show me how “amazing” they are, they would show me this app where they could draw various human body parts and watch in wonder as some other apple phone user somewhere else would type on the screen the name of said human body part, and then howl with glee at how amazing that was.

    For some reason that never really did it for me, and my Berries have always done all the things I need them to do, e-mail, BBM, instant messaging, VOIP calling, ebook reading, Google Maps, sync with Google Calendar, snap terrific quality pics and videos, watch movies and live TV, remote control my computer at home or on the road, SSH into work and personal servers, and so and so on.

    Why would an apple phone user want to switch back to blackberry? I can only think of one reason. It’s just a better phone, always has been.

  • Jbotz

    I agree this is definitely the worst arguments to ever make when convincing people to buy a blackberry. The z10 is a great phone for the remaining die hard bb fans but it is a phone which barely caught up to what is out now. Lets see how it does against the iPhone 5s/6 and Galaxy s4 in 4 months.

  • http://twitter.com/volvospeed23 Farhan

    One reason not to switch from iPhone to BlackBerry, iPhone 5 has 775 000 apps, BlackBerry 10 only has 70 000 apps, and all the apps are crappy

  • joebwaked

    I’m a BB user, as well as, an Apple user. Stephen is right - the points raised in this article are insignificant in the overall scheme of things. The reason I can’t use the iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy is based on “business” demands. For instance, the phone has to be integrated so well with Exchange Server because we rely heavily on Outlook Rules for our numerous email folders and the ability to maintain crisp synchronization of read/unread statuses for all the folders. Neither iPhone nor Galaxy are capable of doing that. Our company has tried them both and struggled with fully-integrated 3rd party apps as workarounds. Additionally, we need considerable flexibility with calendar invites, e.g., editing an inviter’s invite, editing invitees, etc. Only BB has figured out how to fully integrate Outlook’s calendar functionality. Unfortunately, as much as I grew to dislike my BB’s obsolete technology, browser, clunkiness and so on, I stuck with it because it remained the most functional business tool for those of us who are dependent on Outlook.

  • RICO

    Many iPhone people here have valid points of view. I’ve been using the latest iPod touch and I can personally vouch the virtual keyboard on it is horrendous, it constantly misses letters. I used the Samsung GS3 for a while too and I loved it! As for the Apps I agree with Apple fans but if I had to choose between the iphone and the GS3/4, I’d definitely go with the GS. Being that I am a BlackBerry fan though I am going for the Z10. Having a 9900, I will say some of the things I hate about it are the app memory limit, constant freezes/reboots, and not having SOME apps which are helpful that I use on the touch. However, the Z10 fixes all or most of these so it’s why I’m so excited. My favorite features on my BlackBerry are the bridge with all the things it allows us to do and UMA. Neither Apple or Android can do any of those things which is why I stuck with BlackBerry too.

  • TrueBlackberry user01

    Farhan I beg to differ. I just got my BlackBerry z10 yesterday and so far is loving it. This thing gets way more apps than the Iphone5. I almost fell for the Iphone5 waiting for its release. BlackBerry Z10 is the best thing to ever have happened to the BlackBerry linage.