Retailers Report Strong Demand for the BlackBerry Z10


The BlackBerry Z10 has launched at a handful of carriers over the past week in Canada, the UAE and the UK. Every one of them is reporting strong demand which isn’t surprising because of how many people have been waiting for the device to launch. The demand is further fuelled by a high aftermarket demand from regions not yet selling the BlackBerry Z10.

Though most of the buyers of the Z10 are early adopters, small-time opportunists are taking advantage of the device not being available in every region. Unlocked Z10s have been showing up on eBay and other online classified ads at a huge premium. Currently an unlocked model has an aftermarket value of over $850, with the seller buying the device out-of-contract for as low as $600.

Reception of the new device and mobile OS have been very warm, I don’t think anyone expected a version 1.0 of any smartphone to be so functional and polished.

A phrase I find myself coming back to again and again when thinking of the survivability of BlackBerry and the health of the platform is “If you build it they will come”. Even with the new OS being particularly easy to port to, many developers still choose to wait for a critical mass of users before putting in the effort.

Some developers might wait to see how many millions of units have shipped by quarter’s end before deciding to support the platform, but others realize that they have built it, the users are there, and they’ll be needing apps.