Aerize WiFiX Version 2 Gives You Control of What Networks Your Apps Use on Legacy BlackBerry Devices


Aerize WiFix version 2 has just been released for the legacy BlackBerry OSes versions 4.5 and above. WiFiX allows users to bypass your apps’ need to connect through specific protocols giving you much more options for apps that have strict connectivity requirements.

Route cellular network connections over WiFi, or WiFi connections over cellular, even WAP connections to and from TCP, BIS, and BES. Lots of BlackBerry apps have strict connectivity requirements, this app allows you to break those rules.

These apps are just some of the examples that the WiFiX is useful for: Berryweather, Beyond411, BlackBerry Maps, Bloomberg,, Facebook, Flixster, Freerange, Garmin Mobile, GMail, Google Maps, Google Mobile App, IM+ Lite, MSN, MySpace, OpenBeak, Opera Mini, Pocket Express, Poynt, Sports Illustrated, TiggitMail, TuneWiki, Ubertwitter, Viigo, WeatherEye, WhatsApp, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo! Go, and Yelp.

Click here to buy WiFiX for legacy BlackBerry devices for $2.50 from the Aerize store.

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