BlackBerry Taps Star Power to Market BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry has a odd tradition of tapping star power to sell cutting-edge technology. It’s a big challenge to explain the features and benefits of something complex to a consumer market made up of a young and a less technically inclined audience. This time BlackBerry has enlisted the help of some extremly talented people: Robert Rodriguez, Neil Gaiman, and Alicia Keys. They’ll be leading the charge in ushering BlackBerry into an era where smartphones are the primary tools of the creative and the successful.

What I don’t get is that the famous sometimes make strange spokespeople because of their habit of dumbing down of the tech-sounding stuff into something more marketable to the masses. This often translates into a campaign that is quickly forgotten the moment it’s over. What was Will.I.Am’s message when he was doing a BlackBerry campaign a couple of years back? As a guest panelist under the title futurist he did more talking with his hands and buzzwords than saying anything meaningful. His endorsement of BlackBerry was meant to bring some sort of cool factor to the platform, while months later the “futurist” could be seen dropping his own line of pricey iPhone accessories.

I think Alicia Keys is a great modern-day spokesperson who hits BlackBerry’s target demographic right in the bull’s eye. Her collaboration with BlackBerry will put fans’ pics on stage during a performance of her song Hallelujah. Her BlackBerry-weilding fans (who also attend her concert) will have the opportunity to be seen on screen in soulful slideshow.

I’m sure that they’ve got other things planned for their new Global Creative Director. She certainly brings more credibility than Will.I.Am, who can be seen misusing tech in the worst of ways like printing his own head in a 3D printer in a music video featuring Britney.

I think Alicia will showcase BlackBerry 10 in a clear way bringing a lot of old customers back to the platform. As a jet setting artist with an awful lot of talent, she can promote BlackBerry 10′s ability to share rich media and collaborate without smoke and mirrors. Her BlackBerry sponsored Set The World On Fire Tour is sure to showcase her using the new device as if it were a laptop when it kicks off on March 7th. If she does it right, an awful lot of people will view BlackBerry 10 phones as a tool belonging to the successful, the same mojo that BlackBerry had in it’s prime.

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  • AppleBerrySandwich

    They need to get a few sports stars also - NFL/NBA/MLB would be nice.

  • troy

    they need to get beiber and his 20 million followers on bbm through him and that will be goal

  • troy


  • coolchick

    I think Alicia Keys is a great example for the working mom market.
    I am a working mom and I use my playbook and BB10 every day to keep organized.