Aerize Alerts Updated to 2.0 Adding BBM to Alert System


Aerize Alerts has been updated to version 2 and have made all sorts of additions to their popular pop up message alert app. Aerize Alerts will give you a clean and clear popup not matter what you’re doing on your BlackBerry and gives you a call to action with various options.

One of my pet peves with multitasking is having to decide whether to navigate to the messaging app without knowing what I’m going there for. You’ve got to stop what you’re doing in order to determine the importance of an incoming message. I have a bit of a fear of ignoring anything incoming (it might be important right?) so I’m always bouncing around and losing focus of what I’m doing. When I’m playing a game, I just hate my notification light going off while I’m trying to execute a tricky move too.

Enter Aerize Alerts: an app that gives you a call to action for every type of message you could receive without having to leave your current app. The app is customizable and has a few hotkeys for when the popup appears.

Press the BlackBerry Button to snooze for a minute if you’re being bombarded by messages and have to get something done in that app that you’re engaged in. Press “O” to open the message right away. Press “M” to mark the message as read. Press “D” or “alt-backspace” to delete the message instantly. Press “A” to mark all as read, great if you’re at your desktop taking care of those emails anyhow.

Aerize Alerts is available for legacy BlackBerry Oses 5, 6 and 7. The new version 2 features BBM fuctionality and even more customization options. It’s on sale right now for a dollar, a bargain at double the price!

Click here from your BlackBerry Browser to try out Aerize Alerts for free.

Click here to buy Aerize Alerts for $0.99 from BlackBerry World.

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