BlackBerry Adds BlackBerry Balance Features to iOS and Android Under BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10


Since BlackBerry has begun supporting other mobile platforms under BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, more and more policies have been made available to non-BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. The latest feature coming to iOS and Android devices managed by BES 10 are features that securely separate work data from personal data.

Administration of mobile devices has really exploded in the past few years. Employees bringing their own smartphone or tablet into the workplace to access files on the secure corporate network has made every IT admin and CTO’s job more demanding with some workplaces seeing a huge increase in the number of the devices per person.

Enter BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, a straightforward, robust and secure system to provision and monitor mobile deployments of any scale. The latest feature to come to BES 10 is delivering the benefits of BlackBerry Balance to the other major smartphone platforms: Android and iOS.

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