Customize Notifications by Message Type or Contact With HUB++ for BlackBerry 10


HUB++ by Devcellent, (makers of Email++) is a productivity app for BlackBerry 10 that allows you to customize your notifications in a variety of ways. Their supporting of the “disco” style of LED color cycling is a BlackBerry 10 first and opens up a range of customization option for your incoming notifications.

The highly rated app allows for very specific LED notifications. For example you can have a different LED sequence play if the incoming email has been CC’d to your boss.

A lot can be learned from the notifications now without having to unlock your device and read. The different notifications can be queued up so that you can decipher that the purple flash means your work email was replied to while a rapid disco means your best friend has texted you about tonight.

The preview settings also turbocharge your BlackBerry Hub such that you can mark things as read or flag for another look later very quickly and easily.

Here are a few more features of HUB++:

  • Clean and Stunning UI built in Cascades Native Platform
  • Many LED color combos to choose from
  • Choose Disco patterns and speed
  • Over 40 preloaded audio alerts
  • Choose your own custom audio
  • Set the audio alerts to loop forever
  • Custom vibration lengths

Click here to buy HUB++ for BlackBerry 10 for $2.99 from BlackBerry World.