BlackBerry World to Distribute and Promote Independent Music with Zimbalam Partnership


BlackBerry has partnered with independent music distribution platform Zimbalam to bring fresh new music to BlackBerry World users. The Zimbalam system requires a tiny upfront fee but then gives artists 90% of the royalties.

We’ve recently seen BlackBerry App World transition into BlackBerry World and begin offering music, movies, TV shows and rentals. The music industry has changed dramatically over the past few years with listeners demanding more than the just the top hits. Even the Billboard 200 has modernized and begun counting YouTube hits into their listening rankings.

Zimbalam offers artists the largest network of music markets from online radio to music stores, to mobile purchases including targeted distribution. They also offer in depth sales reports and analytics as well as several ways for you to connect your fans to your music using a myriad of online services.

Musicians, bands and artists can get started by clicking here to open a Zimbalam account.