Remote Control Collection Pro for BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook Tablet


PCs have had a big presence in people’s entertainment systems for years. Some control the entire operation with a wireless mouse and keyboard, for BlackBerry Users controlling everything with your BlackBerry or PlayBook is a more clever idea.

Remote Control Collection Pro by Stephan Schultz separates the control schemes in to a few different task-specific groups.

Mouse and Keyboard work in an intuitive fashion transforming your touchscreen into a touchpad for your PC. To scroll use the very right side of the touchscreen. The keyboard be it virtual or physical works just fine even for special characters like arrows and currency characters.

The Media Remote is a simplified tool for controlling a movie or song. This remote supports VLC, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Spotify and more.

The Slideshow Remote is handy for doing a Powerpoint or taking people through a PDF or document. The Scroll remote is ideal for navigating long list-based websites like facebook, Tumblr and more. There is also a shortcut section that puts critical tasks in the palm of your hand like shutdown and sleep.

Click here to buy Remote Control Collection for $2.99 for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook from BlackBerry World.

  • fgarciag

    And error 4003 camera?

  • Someone

    My blackberry 9900 turned off and its not working i tried to turn it on buy the ending calls bottom but the the led red flash works and turn off again, what shell i do ??