SlickTasks Task Management App Now Available on BlackBerry 10


SlickTasks is a productivity app by Glam Software that helps users manage tasks on BlackBerry 10. Loaded with features, SlickTasks has a clean user interface that’s optimized for getting things done.

SlickTasks is a great productivity app for BlackBerry 10 if you like working from action lists. The intuitive touch user interface allows for the very rapid adding of tasks and other common gestures like pulling down your task list to sync. Syncing is handy if you’ve added or managed any of your tasks from the SlickTasks web interface.

The features go deeper than any first party ToDo apps, divide tasks into subtasks or add color to your tasks to give them some additional context. Tag your tasks for easy searches later on, you can also filter your searches to narrow down a big list. You can also share tasks with other people via email whether you’ve communication to a supervisor keeping tabs on your workday or if you’re delegating tasks to others.

Click here to buy SlickTasks for BlackBerry 10 for $4.99 from BlackBerry World.

Click here to buy SlickTasks for your legacy BlackBerry OS 4 and above for $9.99 from BlackBerry World.

  • Petr

    This looks awesome!